Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Test Day

It looks like this will be a typical Friday post... Mentally drained, I will be keeping it short. Today's test was significantly more difficult than the others. Talking to my classmates, it sounded like several people were saying that they would be happy if they managed a passing grade. This was the first test where I wished that there were no true or false questions. It was easy to second guess answers, particularly when talking about secondary yeast metabolites. I feel like with all essay and short answers, the test would have been much less confusing.

After the test, we had a little bit of an easy day, talking about dry yeast processes, yeast DNA, and processing aids such as Irish Moss and fermenter fining agents. After the lecture, I had a good conversation with Siebel's Vice President about distilling and small business plans in the bier stube. I think this is the most beneficial part of attending Siebel... Staying after class, drinking a few beers, and talking with professors and classmates one on one. I have learned so much this week, I am mentally spent. It is time for a beer... Or 10.

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