Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yeast Handling

After what seemed like week of brewing yeast theory, we finally got into the chapter that I was looking forward to most tody... Yeast handling pratices. Yeast handling I the one area that most craft breweries need to improve. Unfortunately, in breweries yeast handling practices are normally glossed over in favor of production speed. It is the biggest area that we have improvd on at Blue Pants in the last 6 months, and still the area of the brewery that needs the most work.

So I read this chapter several times before class today and I went into the lecture armed with questions. The professor and I wound up having a great discussion about how to harvest more yeast from the fermenter while it is still viable, concerns about our pure yeast cultures from our supplier, and he answered some of my questions about setting up a personal yeast bank. I can't wait o get to the applied brewing techniques module so I can do some lab work with a professional and learn how to put all this information to use back home.

After we finished up our last bit of lectures on yeast, we talked about how to analyze beer using equipment that is practical for craft brewer's to own and operate. The most useful for me was when we talked about how to use a spectrophotometer to analyze color and buttering units. We have a test tomorrow, and I have quite a lot of studying to get done in order to feel ready.

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