Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another fun day!

Today was another discussion about brewing equipment and systems. We talked about air compressors, co2 collection systems, and the different types valves used in breweries and their advantages. A large portion of the discussion revolved around different types of air compressors and why we use the types that we do. After that, we had a slightly more interesting discussion about carbon dioxide collection and reuse. The idea of capturing co2 from fermentation, cleaning it, and reusing it to carbonate the beer in a brite tank was intriguing, but it would be way more expensive than it is worth at our size. After that, we talked about valves. Our professor passed valves around the classroom and we got to see the different ways they work.


  1. If you don't mind and time permitting, What were the different types of air compressors? and How are they used?
    I guess I never thought of a brewery using air compressors for any use other than construciton.

  2. Sure, I'll get back with you on that hopefully tomorrow when I have some downtime.