Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PID, Mixproof Valves, and Pumps

We spent a lot of time today talking about automation. We started off talking about PID principles (proportional, integral, and derivative). Hopefully I get to put this knowledge to use one day, but right now, I think we are pretty far off from automating our brewery, and when we do, I am lucky to be working in a brewery owned by a family of engineers. In all honesty, our talk today really just prepared me to be able to speak with the engineers and follow the conversation, not to go and start installing automation. Although, I probably could work more effectively on simple controls, like our glycol system.

After PID, we talked about mixproof valves with a sales rep from a valve company. Again, this was information that I am happy to have access to when we get to the point that we need to employ their use, but is not too applicable to what we are doing right now. Now, we have a pump that we wheel around, and we have hoses for all our cleaning and transferring. Mix proof valves come in handy when you can have hard pipes that never move, and then you could clean a tank, empty another, and fill another all at the same time.

We then went on to talking about pumps, and how to size them and avoid pressure spikes and drops. I am looking forward to tomorrow when we have John Mallet back again from Bell's to talk about materials of construction.

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